There square measure solely some things that attractiveness to journey enthusiasts over the joys of riding on the wild waters of wild rivers, or froth rafting because it is named. The mighty rivers flowing down from the heights of the mountain range create Asian nation one amongst the world’s best places for journey. Whereas the most effective of rafting choices lie north, within the chain of mountains waters, South, West and east has conjointly seen recently the event of the game. 


The Ganga at Rishikesh is one amongst the world’s best rivers to raft. A sixteen klick stretch from Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh, rapids vary from grade one to grade four. This stretch, wealthy with whirlpools and rapids, has seen the likes of Brad Pitt return for a rafting journey. There square measure as several as thirteen rapids with curious names like come back To Sender, Roller Coaster, 3 Blind Mice, Double bother, play and course. A superb combination of chilled and exquisite white sand stream beaches against the scenic Kumaon Mountains, the most effective season to travel there’s from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month.
Other runs here square measure – Chandrapuri-Rudraprayag on the Mandakini Matli-Dunda, Jangla-Jhala, Harsil-Uttarkashi and Dharasu-Chham on the Bhagirathi.


Rafting is control between Padum and Zimo regions within the Zanskar stream gorge at the peak of 12000 feet of the ocean level. Walls of mountains rise to many feet on either side. The rafting route ends because the stream merges with the Indus. The route passes through some terribly rough terrains and distant places in Ladakh. The stream is rated as grade IV. Best time to travel is Gregorian calendar month to August because the stream freezes throughout winters.

Indus River Rafting:

Amidst deep gorges, lofty covering peaks, summit monasteries, incline villages, Ladakh offers a variety of rafting choices on the Indus and its major tributaries. The rafting season begins within the months of Gregorian calendar month up to late August on the stream Indus once the water levels area unit high. Handler as compared to the lot of rugged water flow of the stream in Asian nation, rafting is a lot of ordinarily done from (Phey to Sasphol) Spitok to the Indus-Zanskar confluence at Nimmu, and from Nimmu to the traditional temple complicated at Alchi, stratified a mean of 2-3. The tougher route lies between Alchi and Khalsi that takes within the km long series of rapids at Nurla.

Bhagirathi Stream:

Through gorges, charming villages and white sandy beaches, the Bhagirathi offers one hundred fifty kilometers of pure froth rafting thrill. The raft run is down the lower Bhagirathi gorge and is stratified between levels three and four. Rapids like “Elephant rock”, “The Chute”, “Sharp S”, “Confluence rapids” area unit encountered until Bhagirathi’s confluence with the Alaknanda at Devprayag to create the Ganga. Additional ahead area unit the most effective rapids of the Ganga, ‘Daniel Dip’ and ‘The Wall’. The most effective season for a rafting journey falls between Gregorian calendar month and time period.

Teesta streamSikkim and Darjeeling:

The rugged Teesta stream, the most stream of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong Hill Region, with a series of rapids with variable intensity, has been rated at Grade four. The turbulent Rangit, a tributary of the Teesta, with its multi-dimensional rapids, it offers a challenge to experienced rafters. In Teesta rafting is confined to the winter months, between Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month. Spring or early summer is good for stream rafting. Paddle rafting and implement rafting will be wiped out the Teesta stream.

Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition:

The River, each inexplicable and violent, finds its means down the Asian country region by cutting larger Himalaya Mountains and so enters Arunachal Pradesh from wherever the expedition initiates. Per week long-term within the stream of Brahmaputra takes the rafters through remote hill sides with a number of social group settlements in thick rainforests. The expedition starts from Tutting in Arunachal Pradesh on the Subansari stream, the first tributary of the Brahmaputra River, and ends when one hundred eighty kms of rafting at Pasighat. The trip additionally offers a wonderful exposure to outstanding sceneries and alone locations creating this river’s froth rafting amongst premier expedition in India. The rafting is rated at Level IV. What makes it doubly attention-grabbing is that the space has virgin beauty, Arunachal Pradesh being closed for business enterprise till recent days. The most effective rafting season for Brahmaputra is Gregorian calendar month to March.

Kali/Sharda stream Rafting Expedition:

Kali (also called Sharda) in India whereas Mahakali in Asian nation, originates within the Pithorgarh district of Uttarakhand and forms a natural Jap boundary between India and Asian nation. Passing through abundant jungles the trip offers a read of varied wild animals, and birds, whereas rafting through the pristine and deserted atmosphere. Put-in purpose for rafting varies consistent with the season, beginning at Jauljibi / Jhulaghat for pre-snowmelt season (March / April) and Pancheswar for post-snowmelt season (May / June or Mid-Sept / October / Nov).
Pancheswar is additionally a famed fishing web site for the mighty Mahseer and a rafting expedition may be combined with a fishing trip.

Tons in Garhwal:

The Tons stream flows through Garhwal, the western a part of the range of mountains state of Uttarakhand. The largest tributary of the Yamuna, the Tons stream is alleged to possess additional water and wrath than the Yamuna itself. The typical rating being between grade III, IV and it additionally has some grade V rapids. It’s thought-about joined of the foremost difficult froth stream rafting expeditions within the country these days.


Kundalika, the quickest stream of the South, at Kolad, is a wonderful rafting destination south of the Himalaya Mountains. Settled amidst the splendid Sahyadris, the just about 15-kilometre stretch of rapids on this stream provides ample opportunities for AN exciting expertise. Rapids vary between category III & IV. The most effective months for rafting area unit within the months of monsoon once the water levels area unit high.

Barapole in Coorg:

River Barapole in Coorg, Dakshina South Dravidian, especially the higher stream, provides glorious rafting opportunities. Settled within the Western Ghats border on the Deccan upland, the grades vary between two and four. There area unit concerning|some|roughly|more or less|around|or so} four to five rapids within the regular higher section & about vi to seven rapids within the lower section, these rapids looking on water levels area unit between grade two to three or four. The most effective season to raft is within the monsoon and post-monsoon months of June to Sep.


In India, the trend of journey sports is comparatively new. However, it’s undoubtedly one trend that’s quick catching up, particularly with the children. Nowadays most family tour operators have enclosed stream rafting in their itineraries. There’s no surprise that stream rafting has caught the flowery of not simply journey sports enthusiasts however conjointly travelers and tourists. With a superfluity of roaring rivers, you’ll simply notice variety of stream rafting places in Republic of India. What several of you will not grasp is that Republic of India is additionally thought to be one among the most effective stream rafting destinations of the planet. You’ll elect the rafting choices relying upon the amount of problem wherever Grade I is that the basic level, Grade II and III square measure of moderate problem levels and Grade IV being very difficult. So, here let’s take a glance in any respect the places wherever you’ll get pleasure from your love and fervor for stream rafting.

Indus River, Ladakh:

Indus is one in all the longest rivers in Asia. The stream is additionally called the Sindhu stream and it stretched over a distance of roughly three, 180 km. Here, the rafting season commences from Gregorian calendar month and continues until late Gregorian calendar month. During this time span, the water level in Indus is very large creating it one in all the simplest stream rafting places in Bharat. several even see Indus as ‘Singhe Khababs’, since the stream has many rafting points such as:
Phey to the Indus Zanskar confluence at Nimo
Phey to Nimo – each of those villages in Leh
Upshi to Nimo – Upshi lies on the Leh Manali main road and Nimo could be a village in Leh
Upshi to Kharu – Kharu could be a tiny village in geographic region

Rafting within the Indus is unquestionably once in an exceedingly life expertise that you’ll care for all of your life. Sorts of Rapids: Grade I Rapids (very basic) Best Season for Rafting: Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month Approx. Cost: government agency 1500 per person Distance Covered: around twenty five metric linear unit.

Beas River, Kullu & Manali:
The most outstanding destination for foam rafting in India is Kullu and Manali. Here, you’ll sail on the attractivestream Beas and luxuriate in your love for thrill and journey. Within the Kullu vale, the stream rafting commences at Pirdi. It any goes up to Jhiri covering a stretch of concerning fourteen klick. You may expertise one to four rapids within the stream. More so, a number of the rapids square measure sturdy enough to depart you exhilarating reminiscences. The picturesque scenery of the stream Beas and therefore the thrill of the rapids is for certain to create today unforgettable for all of your journey seekers. You’ll get pleasure from your love for rafting all-around the year except throughout the amount from fifteenth of July to fifteenth of Sept. varieties of Rapids: Grade I to Grade IV Best Season for Rafting: March to July Approx. Cost: agency four hundred to agency 600 per person Distance Covered: some fourteen klick.


Lohit stream Arunachal Pradesh:
Northern {india|India|Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} contains a variety of stream rafting places in India. Although there’s less alternative within the North East however that doesn’t mean that journey is totally absent there. So, if you get some rafting journey within the North East, Lohit stream that could be a tributary of the Brahmaputra River is precisely wherever you wish to move. This stream in Arunachal Pradesh, although isn’t terribly renowned continues to be a good spot for water sports like kayaking and stream rafting in India. Varieties of Rapids: Moderate to Grade IV Best Season for Rafting: November to March Approx. Cost: worth starts from Approx. Four hundred agencies per person. Distance Covered: Approximately a hundred click commencing from the road of Actual management stretching to the Hayuliang.

Spiti stream,Himachal Pradesh:

Uttarakhand as mentioned already is that the best once it involves stream rafting places in India. Bhagirathi could be a terribly thrilling and turbulent stream that flows through Uttarakhand. The course of the stream is incredibly difficult and takes you through dashing streams and delightful landscapes that square measure close between 2 parallel mountains. A number of the rapids here have terribly intriguing names like the Elephant Rock, Confluence speedy, Sharp S and therefore the Chute. Here you’ll additionally expertise the 2 of the simplest rapids of stream Ganges that’s ‘The Wall’ and therefore the ‘Daniel Dip’ varieties of Rapids: Grade III to Grade IV Best Season for Rafting: October to middle of might Approx. Cost: worth vary relying upon the chosen distance.