Welcome to Pench park !!!
Night safari at Pench, the main points are as follows.
One always comes across all kinds of wildlife photographs but none will hold even the tiniest of candles to the particular expertise of roaming in the wilderness past sunset. Wolf Sanctuary Zone permits Night safari within the Wild Jungles of Pench.
Truly charming and surreal are among the few words which might truly describe the feeling of cool breeze as you roam in the national park. you’ll be able to feel a hypnotic pull as Mother Nature simply mesmerizes you, displaying her immense beauty in all forms and shapes. The safari starts just as the sun begins to set, making the trip more than simply bearable compared to the morning heat. as the guides begin reading the tracks and paw marks, a little bit of excitement stirs up as you know the tiger is close. Following the tracks one comes across all species of wildlife, from deer to hyenas to wild dogs, exotic birds to proud peacocks displaying their majestic feathers, basking in the last rays of sunlight for the day.

As the darkness takes over, it becomes difficult not to feel uneasy due to the proximity of a tiger in the not-so-visible surroundings. but all anxiety and uneasiness is lost when you finally see the majestic creature in all of its pride, fearless and majestic. Those amber eyes, serene yet alert, glisten as the tiger looks towards the headlights barely acknowledging your presence. an everyday affair for the king of this jungle. The stripes mark its nobility and proclaim its right to the land. The air of a true Emperor. Some describe it as a life changing experience and coming this close to a tiger will leave its mark on you; A valuable mark in your memory. even as one tends to click a disgusting quantity of photos, remember to treasure the moment for they don’t seem to be that many. The tiger leaves, unfazed by you, your ride or the camera, at the same careless pace.

After such a tremendous safari all one can ask for is glass of smooth wine underneath the large starry sky. maybe a refreshing dip in the pool to assimilate one’s thoughts and to appreciate the gifts of nature you had simply witnessed, the feeling awe which hasn’t left you as you relish a luxurious meal still thinking about the TIGER.