If there is one thing that has been the core of human fancy since ages, it surely is flying. After tasting the heights in the aircrafts developed by Wright brothers, many wished to take it to the next level and feel something closer to a bird’s flight! That’s when some crazy dreamer invented paragliding – a thrilling adventure sport that permits you to soar high, with the vast expanse of nature beneath.

For years, paragliding in India had not been a popular choice however the recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of paragliding sites in India. So, if you’re wanting to conquer the skies, here is a list of paragliding places in India to challenge the adventure junkie in you.

1. Bir billing
Bir billing is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, famed for hosting the first ever World Cup for paragliding. Himachal, actually, is ‘the’ home to paragliding in India. With a total of 11 best paragliding spots, this hilly state offers multiple choices. other places famous for paragliding in Himachal are Devidhar, Parvati valley, Rohtang, and Bakhli.

2. Manali

The other renowned destination for paragliding in Himachal is Manali. apart from the monsoons season, you can try paragliding here anytime. Solang valley and Marhi are 2 of the most popular spots for paragliding in Manali. Among the reasons which make Manali one of the most preferred paragliding places in India is the availability of the sport through the year except monsoon

3. Mussoorie

Another well crowded destination in India, Mussoorie also hosts paragliding like every other hill station. From the take off point near Mussoorie Lake, one can fly till Dehradun on a long flight up to the peak of 2300 metres above sea level.

4. Bangalore

Besides streets filled with gaming cafes, silicon valley has lately gained up on this adventure sport. Hoskote Lake, 20 km away from the main town, houses some operators who provide coaching for paragliding in Bangalore. At 65 km from the city, Nandi hills is another hub of paragliding which is at a height of 1478 m above sea level. The adventurers can also select para-jumping and hang-gliding.

5. Nainital

So here is a complete package. the city famed for its lakes – Nainital – offers paragliding for the heights of up to 2000 meters. Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal are 2 locations where one can opt for paragliding in Nainital.With the attractive lakes beneath the flier, This hill station comes across as one of the best destinations for paragliding in India.

6. Panchgani

Panchgani, a city near the famous pilgrimage of Mahabaleshwar,is commonly frequented by honeymooners. Paragliding from the Horizon point offers you a bird’s eye view of the temple city as well as the serene scenes of the quaint hills.

There you go! you just scrolled past the most happening paragliding places in India. Unleash the bird in you and choose one of the most daring adventure sports in world.