This little famed hill station could be a three-hour drive off from town of Bombay, and could be a stunning place to camp at. At virtually two, 500 feet on top of water level, the air is clean, the clear skies, and also the waterfalls and foliage makes this hidden gem howling with its proximity to Bombay. The Wilson dam and Arthur Lake square measure nice places to camp at. The lakes square measure refreshing to swim in and you’ll be able to set your tent up near the water. The local’s square measure friendly, and you’ll be able to continuously decide a hot meal or a ship ride.

If you’re searching for a once during a time period bivouacking expertise, Ladakh has Brobdingnagian tracts of sky, clear views of the range of mountains and lakes in stark distinction to the desert around you. Visit this wondrous place between might to Sept. the most effective places to camp at in Ladakh square measure the Mystic Sangla natural depression, Tsomoriri Lake or at the West Ladakh Camp. Whichever one you decide on, be ready for beautiful sunsets, flocks of migratory birds and exciting natural beauty. This remote location sees individuals returning in from everywhere the globe, and offers a spread of traveller activities like apricot choosing or mountaineering.

This is one in all the foremost well-liked hill stations in India for a reason. Placed at the foothills of the range of mountains, it’s famed for its shimmering lake, beautiful weather and natural beauty. This district is incredibly well connected, and is well accessible by road or train. Go the shores of its lake and breathe its contemporary air. it’s simple to seek out tents and bivouacking spots throughout for affordable rates. The adventuresome will attempt paragliding and rafting otherwise you will accept taking within the flora and fauna during a day or night trek.
Jaisalmer is well reached from any major town through Jodhpur, and is within the heart of Rajasthan. Bivouacking amongst the sand dunes fills you with a way of marvel as you are taking within the beauty of nature. It conjointly provides you with massive grounds to look at the open skies. Referred to as the golden town, Jaisalmer is wealthy in history with dead persevered palaces and design. Ride a artiodactyls mammal to your desert camp wherever you’ll be able to sit on the sand dunes, and soak up the sunset or walk barefoot through this alternative worldly landscape on an evening expedition. You’ll fancy hot food, a camp hearth and native people dances. This is often really an area for dazzling night skies and wonderful sunrises.

There square measure few places in India as fun and reposeful as province. Traveling here along with your nearest friends could be a good way to unwind. It’s an area notable for its beaches, parties, food and culture. Bivouacking close to the beach could be a nice expertise as you stare at the sky, and hear the sound of the waves fucking down. There square measure varied places you’ll be able to head to for accommodation, from a beach shack to a straightforward hammock set up between palm trees.

Called the Scotland of India as a result of the similarity in weather; Coorg could be a silent mountainous region within the southwest of Kerala that’s simply accessible from metropolis or Mangalore. Its varied trekking routes supply gorgeous views of the Western Ghats. Pitch your tent behind an effervescent stream and soak up the mists as nature envelopes you. A notable place to camp is Bettigiri.

Nested within the foothills of the range of mountains, next to the sacred banks of the watercourse Ganges is that the religious city of Rishikesh. Camping, watercourse rafting and trekking compose simply many of the various tempting experiences that Rishikesh needs to give you. Develop a straightforward and cheap canvass, and luxuriate in the recent food and drinks served at these camps. Because the stars come back up, you’ll be able to soak within the heat and familiarity of a shared camp hearth. It’s best to go to throughout summer because the region gets terribly cold in winter.

The hill city on Munnar in Kerala is at its picturesque best from the months of Gregorian calendar month to March. Its undulating slopes square measure carpeted with tea gardens, and it’s thought-about one in all the most effective trekking destinations in South India. Trekking through these inexperienced forests could be a nice expertise as you progress to 1 bivouacking spot when the opposite. The notable bivouacking spots during this region square measure – the heights of formation Hut, the geographic region of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, and also the picturesque foliage of the Wayanad district.

This vehicle-free hill station has stunning weather. The sylvan geographic region is home to an inordinateness of activities and sights, and a stone’s throw far from the station is Charlotte Lake, that could be a great place to pitch your tent and obtain some activity in. Soak in nature as you press on a trek or take a horseback ride and appearance at the recent colonial buildings. Its stunning views of the sprawling slopes of the Western Ghats square measure setout as you’ve got many viewing points to require it bushed.

Pangong Tso, Ladakh:
Pangong Tso is associate journey destination wherever many trekkers locomote each day. Also, it’s the color ever-changing high altitude lake with an excellent inhabitancy area close to it. However what percentage of you recognizes that it’s a humiliating location to try to to observation as well? I’m not exaggerating. Pangong Tso has been known as a spot wherever you’d get a clearer read of the night sky that dramatically displays a flamboyant muddle of little dots and in an exceedingly higher kind you’ll see elsewhere.

Rann of tannic acid, Gujarat:
Compared to alternative regions within the west a part of Republic of India, Rann of tannic acid has been recognized to be a hotspot wherever magnitudes of stars come into view to the optic. This extended salt desert aids astrophysicists and poses enough probabilities for astrophotography wonderfully. Beside the astounding night sky views, one would be ready to spot the Chir Bhatti, the famed ghost lights among the locals. The silent atmosphere prevailing at Rann of tannic acid adds a lot of charm to the moony darkness.

Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar:
The white sandy, long beaches on one among the foremost lovely islands in Andaman area unit a requirement visit as a result of the star-lit sky in the dark seems therefore peaceful once the luxurious inexperienced forests all over around build the beach beautifully quiet. Star gazers from completely different components of the planet have seasoned the blue-hued close. Once its evening, the azure water of the ocean simply merges with the colors scattered within the atmosphere so extending a shade of blue altogether on the island.

Spiti depression, Himachal Pradesh:
A very sensitive ecological zone is Spiti depression, displaying the serenity with ostentation. Here, observation is far clearer from the highest parts of the soaring mountains. Many individuals area unit have already got seasoned the abundance of pleasing star gazing moments here. Kibber, the best motor able pass within the region has been recognized because the excellent spot for capturing the recent views of the night sky void of a proportion of pollution and cloud. Beside a trekking journey, build your vacation full of the gorgeous depression that presents shimmering stars aplenty.

Lonar Crater, geographic region:
Though the attraction is Lonar Crater that is that the results of a meteoroid fell on earth years ago, scientists, astronomers, physicists etc have marked Lonar Crater as an appropriate purpose to try to to star gazing. Hence, teams of stargazers and lovers of heavenly body studies gather here frequently to look at the extragalactic nebula clearly. The saline salt lake is encircled by thick forests that successively produce associate significant atmosphere. The mountainous formations close to the lake area unit equally contributive to the journey hidden. Trekkers, mountaineers, nature lovers and plenty of others area unit repeatedly inbound here to fancy some quirky moments.

Sonmarg, Jammu and geographic region:
The hayfield of Gold in Jammu and geographic region could be a flamboyant location wherever each stargazer or astronomers return to fall taken with with the sky once more. Sonmarg is full of campers throughout the year and that they have shared the expertise of inhabitancy right below the celebrities can haven’t any replacement when eons conjointly. Hence, the high altitude hayfield dotted by the luxurious inexperienced forests that replicate the silver stars in the dark has one more apt name instead of Sonmarg and it might be Chand Marg.

Katao, Sikkim:
Adventure lovers blindly like better to camp at 15000 feet higher than the ocean level at Katao in geographical region. Since snow falling is that the common feature of Katao, it possesses the cognomen, Swiss Confederation of Republic of India. The high altitude peaks here, aside from trekking and inhabitancy, enable the guests to witness the captivating assortment of uncountable stars within the sky simply higher than their heads. The glittery heavenly body circles appear to be touching you and in fact, the breeze floating over the canopies spreads a smile on your face, though.

Nubra depression, Ladakh:
Zero pollution is that the exceptional and unbeatable character of the night sky found once you area unit visiting Nubra depression in Ladakh. Peace is that the equivalent word you’ll confer on to Nubra particularly once the moon is up higher than the sky enjoying games with its friends and family consisting of trillions of stars littered in a circle, parallelogram and in unknown shapes. A camper would positively like better to have his tents opened and watch the sky throughout the night. A predominant observation destination in Republic of India is Nubra depression that showers many opportunities for a peaceful inhabitancy amidst flabbergasting serenity.