Snorkeling is a good way to see the wonders of the underwater world and marine life, especially if you’re not very confident of your swimming skills. Usually done in shallow water depths with half of your body above water, snorkeling requires you to wear the proper equipment like an eye mask, fins and snorkel. All that’s left to do then is swim or wade through the waters and see fish swimming right before your eyes. Here are the most effective places for Snorkeling in India. Luckily, there are many  adventure  tour operators in India who organize such extreme activities.

1. Tarkarli, Maharashtra
We won’t be stunned if you hadn’t heard of Tarkarli before this. This seacoast village is a well-kept secret of the Konkan coast. Tarkarli affords an impressive boundary set against clear blue waters and water activities are massive in the area amongst professionals and novices alike. Snorkeling at Tarkarli is a real treat with many marine species making their home in the labyrinth network of corals here. comparatively unexplored, the crowds escape Tarkarli making it a haven for snorkelers and divers.

2. Lakshadweep

With its name that literally means 100,000 islands, the islands of Lakshadweep are encircled with living coral reefs and rich marine life that dwell within the waters of the Lakshadweep sea. Having fast full-grown in to a preferred scuba diving and snorkeling destination, islands like Bangaram and Kadmat provide opportunities to look at vibrant tropical fish as well as different marine life species like sea cucumbers, rays, sea turtles and crabs in shallow waters.

3. The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal is a slice of tropical paradise. Crystalline blue waters, pristine beaches and virgin rainforests are a number of its many lures. Since water abounds, activities related to it are extremely well-liked. while snorkeling is feasible to do at most of the beaches, Elephant Beach on havelock Island is a well-liked spot owing to the prolific marine life that can be noticed easily in the warm and inviting waters here.

4. Goa

Undoubtedly the most popular beach destination in the country, Goa attracts lovers of the sun, sand and surf. There are many snorkeling spots including Sinquerim Beach, Grande Island, Monkey Island and Palolem Beach. However, given that the waters of Goa are generally cloudy, the probabilities of watching schools of fish and varied species of marine life are slim. However, don’t be disheartened because in spite of low visibility, you can still manage to see something.

5. Netrani Island, Karnataka

One of Karnataka’s lesser known islands, Netrani Island or pigeon Island (due to its large pigeon population) in the Arabian Sea gains infamy for being a coral reef island. This by default makes it a hotbed for teeming marine life like butterfly fish, parrot fish, eels, barracudas, mantas, clown fish and different vibrant residents. sea turtles can also be easily spotted, and in deeper waters, scuba divers have also seen sharks.