In the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra is situated a small and peaceful town called as Mahabaleshwar. Its pleasant weather as well as beautiful locales makes this a favorite place of tourists. Connected via bus and train to all the nearby cities, Mahabaleshwar is the perfect place if someone wants to spend some time in solitude.

Below are the 4 things one should remember prior booking the hotels in Mahabaleshwar.
1. Which is the Best time to visit?
Despite the fact that weather in Mahabaleshwar is pleasant all over the year, try and avoid going their during the monsoon months of June to September. As many a times the rainfall can be very heavy and if someone isn’t careful then might get stuck or not even be able to leave their hotel room. The peak season to visit is March to May. Pune airport is the closest airport to Mahabaleshwar.

2. How to reach?
Mahabaleshwar is finely connected to nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune. One can opt for a tourist bus from Mumbai and reach the destination within 6 hours. Some people prefer to take their own private vehicle. One can enjoy their drive as the express highway is well constructed and connected. As Mahabaleshwar doesn’t have a particular railway station, it is better to opt for train till Pune or nearby location. People travelling from far places can book a flight to Pune as its just 120 km far from the town.
3. Which Places to visit?
Mahabaleshwar has many different points from when one can enjoy amazing eye-catching views of the valley. The points are namely Lodwick Point, Babington Point, Bombay Point or Sunset Point, Arthur’s Point and Lingmala Falls. People can also visit Panchgani that is another beautiful breathtaking destination and a beautiful town. It is also known as the point of origin for some major south Indian rivers. The most important places that should be visited without fail are Mini Kashmir or Tapola and Veena Lake.
4. What things to do?
There are different types of activities that one can indulge in during the trip to Mahabaleshwar. The Venna Lake is a place where one can opt for boating and side by side admire the beauty of the place. At the very same location, the person can also do horse riding and a trained person will assist you to enjoy the ride. One can also choose to do some trekking but for that, they have to do the inquiry about the best trails in their respective hotel. Purchase some nutritious honey from the markets. Shopaholic can shop for leather products like Kolhapuri chappals, bags, sandals etc. The most mouth-watering drink found in Mahabaleshwar is Strawberry ice-cream with cream which you can get in almost all restaurants.
A beautiful place with too much to explore is what Mahabaleshwar is. Usually a trip to the place can memorably completed in three days, so one can make it the next long weekend visit idea. And do remember to book hotels in advance at Mahabaleshwar.